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Who am I ? 

Actor, mostly in theater !
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 Fabrice Chouette
Actor, my experiences is essentially based in  theatre schools.

How pleased to test direction in Jean Marais theatre (Saint Gratien, Paris, France)   
I discovered acting in cinema by interpreting three roles in short films. I enjoyed very much this new dimension.
I want to develop my experience in movie !

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2000 - Roles of the Priest and the Doctor in " Passages ", short-film by Romain Lacourbas

1999 - Role of the Father in " Letter for the father " by Kafka, then various interventions in " Letter for Lucilius " by Sénèque, "Lettres du Front" by Jean-Pierre Guénault and "Correspondances" by François Truffault, directed by Richard Brunel, at the Festival of Correspondence in Grignan

1998 - Role of the Scarecrow in "Coeur de laitue", Stéphanie Tesson and directed by herself, "theatre des Mathurins, Paris"
1997 - Role of Lui in "Yetser Arrah", short film by Olivier Gomel 16mm B&W

1996 - Role of Marc in " Une étape africaine", by Catherine Anne and directed bi herself "Theater of Aubervilliers, Paris"

1995 - Role of Méphistophéles in " Faust " by Goethe, directed by Christian Benedetti, "theatre de la tempète, la cartoucherie, Paris"

1994 - Role of Kovacs in "Murder of the Jewish Princess" by Armando Llamas (contemporanian spanish writer, directed by Michel Didym, theatre droit, Paris

1991 - Role of Arlequin in the " Triumph of love" by Marivaux, directed by Christophe Labas-Lafitte, theatre Daniel Sorano, Avignon
1989 - Role of Méphisto in "The story of the soldier" by Igor Stravinsky and Louis Ferdinant Ramuz, directed by Gilbert Guiraud, Opera of Toulon

1998 - "La vérité est ailleurs" by Azedine Yazza, Theatre Jean Marais, Saint Gratien, Paris 

1997 - "Transport de femmes" " Transport of women " by Steve Gooch, Theatre Jean Marais, Saint Gratien, Paris

1996 - Obtaining  diploma of E.N.S.A.T.T. (National Superior School of Theatrical Art and Technique) 

1993 - Admission in E.N.S.A.T.T., comedy section 

1991 - France Rousselle, private dramatic school, theatre du roseau, Paris 

1990 - English diploma, in Aix en Provence 

1988 - Academy of dramatic art of Toulon 

1988 - Bac A2 (philosophy and languages : English, Spanish, Italian)


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